ACTS 16:22

HEY Pals! This morning I was reading in Acts, and let me just tell you- AMAZING! Acts 16:22 begins with Silas and Paul, some true men of God, being thrown into a Roman prison for proclaiming the gospel to others. This place was infested with bugs and the prisoners were given non-sanitary meals, including water drank by everyone’s mouth. They were beaten till they bleed, hit with rods and when handed their meals they were kicked were it would hurt them most. This prison they were thrown in was not the sweet life you’d want to be in. If thrown in that situation, how could anyone be joyful about anything? It’s miserable. But get this!! through it all Silas and Paul found a place in there hearts for joy and they didn’t keep it there, they sang out loud, rejoicing confidently in the fact that God is still so good ! They praised God even when their circumstances seemed impossible to rejoice in. BUT there’s more- As they sang hymns to the lord, the bonds that held them unfastened in result of the earthquake, setting the prisoners free! A Roman guard saw that the doors had also been opened, he, in shock was going to end his life with the thought of them escaping. THEN it says, “But Paul cried with a loud voice, “Do not harm yourself, for we are all here .” (Acts 16:28). Not only did their rejoicing in pain set them free, but freed even a Roman guard with a hard heart. ( WITH GOD NOTHING’S IMPOSSIBLE!) The Roman guard was drawn to the joy that overflowed from the hearts of the two men and he sought after the joy they had, that night he was baptized, longing to be saved. // People see the overflowing love God places inside you, it sets you free when you rejoice even in the tragedy. Don’t let the location you are in convince you GOD left and don’t let the circumstances dictate the praise you give God. God is faithful and always so good, even when darkness attacks.