We cry out to God because God we need you. Our world is broken. We need you. Peoples anxiety is running out the roof, give them peace. Peoples hearts are aching in pain over the lost of their brothers and sisters. Peoples businesses being ripped apart. People struggling with COVID- 19 or coping with the loss of family memebers in this time. People are aching from the pain they are feeling! God where there is not justice allow justice to begin to flow like a river. This is to awaken those in slumber and say WE NEED GOD!!! Our generation and our world has always needed God but now more than ever. So we stand here today because this is how we fight our battles. Whoever is the president. Jesus is still king. Whatever goes on down here. Jesus is still king. JESUS IS STILL KING. Jesus IS king. So I encourage you all!!! Pray out!!! Together or alone in your rooms! Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. It’s the most powerful weapon! We are going to cry out to God!!!! We are a world running weary and in need of rest. Not saying the brokeness will just go away as if it will become a perfect and spotless world but we need hearts changed we need peace among those hurting. We need Jesus! Let’s let the praise rise because He knows what He’s doing. Before the pouring there has to be breaking. It has to get worse before it gets better. We have to be a world that becomes aware of what’s wrong in order to end the harsh cycles our world is still facing. God isn’t going to cause pain without allowing something NEW to be born! The times are crazy. But what a time to be alive. Jesus. Is. Still. King. In. The. Chaos.