When born again into the family of God, Each member is given Different gifts all to glorify the same God. It’s incredible how of billions people doing billions of different things, at the end of the day we all come together for THE ONE. Yet we can take advantage of the gift, letting pride and selfish ambitions sneak its way through. I remember before I started playing acoustic guitar I wanted to play drums, yet not for God, I wanted to play so I could be louder and people could hear me. The ugly truth is I keep switching instruments so I could get whatever was played “the most”, all for the recognition. As Kings kolidescope puts it, “I am fighting to be god, I see the and claw and thrash and shake.” Then my eyes opened to see that it shouldn’t matter what instrument I play, no matter big or small if I’m playing for the Lord that’s all that matters and every single piece of the band matters. The shaker, triangle, electric guitar, drums- all of it matters in a band because without one it’s not the same even with the littlest touch added in. Just like ALL the body of Christ is needed. I’ve realized I was trying to be the head and selfishly in charge when None of us could be except God himself. We are the arms and legs of the body of Christ, needed to unite in order to work together and be on the move. We need to support one another with love And value, not with with jealousy and boasting. We need to take the Selfish desire of glorifying ourselves and give that to God and God alone. A sweet friend of mine once told me, ” at the end of the day it all comes down to Jesus.” That’s so true because a lot of times we aren’t aware of where our hearts are and the motive to our actions that we become blind to see that the attention of people and being the “best” won’t last because in the end only one God remains. Just like The church band, the church body shouldn’t play for the audience of people, but WITH the audience to the audience of one. God! ALL GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!