Looking at these pictures on my wall I can’t help but praise God for this whole year in Louisiana. I remember the first time I heard I was moving & I felt destroyed. I honestly wasn’t about it, it was extremely hard to adjust to a new environment, new people & new culture. All I had ever known was Arizona, those people, that place & that culture. When I was in Arizona I prayed for God to send me, to use me. Thinking that whatever he was going to send me to I would be comfortable with. I was sure wrong, because nothing grows in a comfort zone! Sometimes God wants to wreck your plans before it wrecks you, he want to ruin your routine & shake your life. Not for the fun of it, not to hurt you, but to bring you into growth that can only happen with harsh rain. There was a need for movement in my life. Change isn’t always bad as we think it is. Change is good as well. God set me here so that I could met some of my closest friends here. God set me here so I could be surrounded by a youth group/ community like no other-that believes & dares me to step into the dreams so big that they scare me. God set me where I am so that I can help others that have gone through what I have. God put me here so that my mom would marry the coolest guy & I would now have another awesome sista. God has set me in a peace that’s above understanding, because without that I can’t do it on my own. God brought me here to walk into peoples lives & for people to walk into mine. I went through breaking to be build back up onto a strong foundation. I went through brokenness to witness it as he turned it into beauty. What my eyes saw as a set back, was really a set up for greatness. I’ve struggled a lot, but I’ve grown a lot. I’ve continued falling but I’ve learned how to lean on Gods grace to pick me back up. I’ve had loss, but had so much I’ve gained. When I hit rock bottom, God is my rock. Don’t ever underestimate the power of God. Man HE is greater than we think HE is. God you are always good. Thank you for being so good. I love you. I pray you continue to guide my life according to your will because you know better than I ever could. Life is so much better this way, your way.