Life’s a ride, it seems like it’s all so slow here on earth, yet a year goes by in the blink of an eye. Life is like a trip, it seems like it takes FOREVER to get to your destination and all you can do is rest up or you can choose to ask your parents ” Are we there? Are we there yet ?” Think of this our time on earth is as tiny as 1 grain of rice…. now get this… afterwards our time with God is literally the whole universe compared to that grain of rice. The world is just our pit stop before we reach our destination for eternity with THE ONE. /•In all honesty, my life has been hitting a lot of bumps in the road lately, and the devil is constantly trying to distract my focus off of God. Recently I’ve just been getting distracted with other things to focus on instead of God even in the little things. Today I realized how much I kept holding him off, I kept saying I was going to stop and focus on him yet I kept getting distracted by my phone and so I turned my music on and you can guess what song it played… Reckless love(Cory Asbury)! and in that moment God was just telling me to pause and listen-because he’s been trying to show me all this time. I was completely blind to it, I was so distracted in the moment that God made me basically trip over the message he was sending me in order for me to realize how blind I have been to see it. I was reminded that God was there and has never forsake me. As I listened to the song I sprawled out and just bawled my eyes out, because God was saying to not fill up with fear from lies the devil tells. HE SAID I AM HERE, RIGHT BESIDE YOU AND I NEVER LEFT, instead it’s me who didn’t turn around to realize he’s always been there. /•The Lord Almighty pursues you and loves you all RECKLESSLY. HIS love is unfailing! Man he is just so good even when this world might knock us down GODS the one who’s going to bring us back up and stronger than any lie or fear the enemy speaks, crushing it under his feet. Remember-This world is temporary but God’s FOREVER! Gods arms are always open wide for you and with God involved amazing things happen, things better than we could ever imagine. Lots of praise! HE IS SO GOOD!