Lord hear our cry, we need you. Our sin is this deathly disease- and we have the cure to it right in front of us. Jesus. yet we hid in the shadows holding back from being diagnosed. We know we need you, but we count on our flesh, rather than putting you at the throne of our hearts. We choose to magnify on the fallen of the world and not the healing you bring. We need you. Because this world fills with wickedness and sin, collapsing of the houses built on a weak foundation of sand. We hide because we know we are nothing without you, we have sinful and hard hearts, but we need to allow your grace to flow through us. You FREELY gave us grace, freedom, life, mercy and the deepest love- all for FREE. You paid our trip to eternal life, but we won’t take it. Why? we won’t take it because we become distracted by other options, soon conforming with the patterns of the world-letting our voice drown out God’s. Putting the king of all kings aside, counting on our deadline and not his PERFECT timing. We are looking for an eternal satisfaction in everything else but the only one who is forever fulfills our souls. Materialistic and temporary patterns of the world will not satisfy, will not complete, will not give us the beyond our God goes. But my God’s kingdom is one that can not be shaken, even though tens and thousands assail from every side. His light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not and WILL not overcome it. My God defeated death and is greater than any painful tragedy brought to this sinful world. He is a safe retreat to those in need, a truth that can not be overcome by lies, a light that pierces through darkness. He’s coming on the clouds, bringing us to our knees because of his immeasurable greatness. Lord, hear us, we need you because we aren’t capable of doing it on our own. As Kings kaleidoscope sings,” Give me the hope of tomorrow. Give me the strength of today.
You are the promise of peace, my pathway to faith.” Lord, hear our cry. This world needs you. I need you.