Something’s been making my heart sink to my stomach and hands clench at the mention of it, while I try to avoid it. You know when something goes on in life and it’s like everywhere you go there are little signs relating to it? because in the moment of tribulations we are more aware than we are not experiencing It. For me this idea of -REAL PASSION-keeps coming from everywhere! LITERALLY! This reminded me of The “Jesus high” we get after going to camp and being in that environment for a weekend seeking the spark to ignite that flame inside us Jesus freaks;)Yet when we go back home it lasts maybe 2 weeks and it burns out. Why? Because we are surrounded by sin in this world, this world’s filled with believers and non- believers. But realize just because we change our environment, doesn’t mean we change our passion for God, we adapt, and praise harder then before! Our worship doesn’t have to end just because church service ended. We need to bring it with us and not leave it at the camp/ church doors, putting a masked face on and walking out with a different one. To have REAL passion, you need to make effort to grow in a relationship with GOD on the inside so that the passion will pour outside. If you fill your heart of selfish ambitions, self control, fear and doubt then the only thing that will show on the outside is either a mask of false passion, or a heart of sin sneaking its way outside. You can’t fake it till you make it. But you sure can fake it till you can’t make it then come to realize, down on your knees, that you need help. I need help. I’m a sinner. I fall short of the glory of God. I need Jesus and I realize how much my soul longs for him-therefore surrendering all I have for all I need. Jesus! When Jesus is all that fills inside, then we will begin to see effects on the outside. Transforming our hearts and we can’t help but rejoice! If we want real passion for the LORD, we have to come to church not for the “feeling” of God, yet for GOD. Not for the creations, yet the creator, not for the “outcome” but the full relationship. If we fix our eyes on God alone then REAL passion shall overflow from the heart, not from a mask you wear. REAL