I was unable to speak. As if I was yelling at the top of my lungs and nothing was coming out, yet I had everything I wanted to say come to mind. As if my thoughts were glued to the tip of my tongue unable to be shoved out. Yet recently, I’ve felt as though my numb body is in wonder learning how to move for the first time. I’ve been so blind to so much God has been trying to reveal to me. When I finally began to understand what God’s putting in front of me it is life changing and eye opening. God’s taught me that no matter what circumstances and feelings come my way there’s always something to learn from it. There is always a vital lesson, behind a harsh lecture. For example: When all you think about is that one kid that’s persecuting you about your faith, God is actually teaching you to be a light and love the kid who has a hardened heart inside. We begin to put all our attention on the painful moment, then the goodness God has coming our way. We become so distracted by the enemies remarks that we start to change our perspective on things immediately to believe the glass is half empty and not half full. •
As for me, I have learned that God’s silence is not his absence. He had not forsaken me, but I wasn’t pursing him. Just because I haven’t heard God doesn’t mean he’s not there, instead he’s taught me that HIS silence is my calling to grow deeper with him. To realize the step I need to take when I am O so stuck in this one place. He’s taught me that just like a car, if my gas tank isn’t full I don’t sell my car, but I go refill the gas. I run towards him instead of focusing and becoming angry for not feeling him at the moment. Friends, there is purpose for your pain-so don’t be blinded to the purpose God has just because the enemy wants you to focus on the pain. Remember that through every situation God brings you, there is always something important to take from it. I’m praying for you all and whatever season you are going through. Know God has reasoning for the outcome of things. He truly does have a purpose for the pain and a plan for your future to not harm you, but to prosper!