We are completely heartbroken with what’s going on. Though some may not change their minds which is heartbreaking that our fellow brothers and sisters are facing hate from others. This is a call to empathy as the church. Whether we are members who understand or will never understand, we need to stand!!This is a call to stand up. This is a call to mourn with those who are mourning. This is a call to listen to those who are educating on @blklivesmatter ! This is a time to use the platforms we have TO HELP! This is a time to allow love to flood in. This is a time to gather as one nation under GOD because we need him more than ever right now. We need unity. Our world is broken. Our world is aching in pain over the tragic death of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floryd and so many loved ones whos names are just now being heard. The worst thing we can do as the body of Christ is sit and allow it to happen. To be on the fence. To hide in the shadows and watch the pain of your people pass by like it’s nothing. Say that it’s “not your problem.” What’s worse than hating on our own brothers and sisters is doing nothing about those who are doing them wrong! It’s being a bystander to a world who’s hurting. Being a Christian doesn’t mean we sit back. GOD loves all and if we love GOD we love all. If we don’t then we don’t love GOD. We are called to stand with our people. We need to NOT be silent! Let our voices be heard! Fight for justice. Fight in love. Fight in unity. Fight in prayer.
It’s time to unite in prayer.