Back then the people of Israel had been given these systems to try to know and experience God. One example of these systems was known in the story of the healing at the pool. A pool in Jerusalem would bubble up and it was said that the first to jump in it would be healed. So because of the healing it was said to have- many paralyzed, lame and crippled people sat and waited for a chance to get into healing pool first! One day Jesus walked past one man who was in a physical state of weakness and who wasn’t healed for years! Jesus asked the man “Do you want to be well ? “ and the man immediately said everything that was holding him back from getting into the pool and how the others always got in front of him. Jesus then proceeded with saying “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” And the man was cured as he walked up with his mat. •••Jesus is asking us “Do you want to be well?” “Do you want to experience life outside of being in this condition?” It’s time to get up. The moment we MOVE is the moment a MOVEMENT begins. It’s time to stop being spiritually paralyzed in everything that is going wrong and instead just begin to walk with our mat a free man! It’s time to pick up our things because we are now free! Our chains are broken off so why are we still standing in them? It’s time to walk a free man into our schools, homes and communities. Let’s get LOUD about it !