One Year

It’s been officially one year since Liberated first started. 🤯insane. It’s crazy the effect one “yes” has. One “yes” holds an eternal significance! It holds the power to set off a chain reaction that can reach oh so far. I remember the lord setting it so heavy on my heart to see people who are freed, act free ( including myself.) I saw people trapped in bondage or even unaware that there is MORE they haven’t stepped into yet. (Liberated- to free!!!) Who would’ve known that through our worship nights it would become a movement. Where Gen Z from all over caught our heart and wanted to be apart of seeing their schools set free by the jesus as well!! Canada, Louisiana, Arizona, Arkansas and Californa held their worship nights and we saw a atmosphere shift!! Although liberated is a movement it became more of a prayer for our generations heart posture to be of surrender. To be a shift from hype-led to just wanting to see God move. To not just be an event but to become an unshakable commitment with JESUS!! The lord has brought so many incredible people to walk into my life In the past year and for my friends & I to partner with as well!! From my mom getting baptized, 9 people giving their life to christ recently, a girl starting a bible study in her school, seeing people physically healed of pain, seeing so many youth delivered from the past that’s chained them down in the present. I’ve seen freedom take place because of Jesus !!!!!! Liberated wants to see the youth free, awakened and activated in the authority Jesus has given us!! Awakened to who Jesus really is!!! Trained up on what a normal Christian according to the Bible looks like!!! And sent out boldly to walk in their schools and bring revival. We believe our generation isn’t dead, we just sleeping!!! So thank you Jesus for this past year !! 😭😭all goes to you!! & I can’t wait for the people, team, adventures and more that I’ll have with this. I encourage you when HE calls, answer. Say yes. It changes absolutely everything.