Develop Before Delivery

Recently I’m remembering the importance of checking my heart before I post. Asking myself, “Am I posting this as an obligation or out of adundance of my relationship with the Lord?” (@_o_liv_it_up ‘s truth)Am I scrapping what’s left, repeating what I already know to entertain the audience? Or instead unable to contain what the lord is doing in my life that I HAVE to share it? Even if we’re doing the work of the lord, pride sneaks in. The light on me shouldn’t shine brighter than the light in me. I shouldn’t even have a spotlight if I’m not first reflecting HIS light! I might have the words for speaking but none of that can be lived out if my heart isn’t aligned with the lord. If my words aren’t from Him then they have no power. If my heart isn’t in the right posture of surrender & humility. A genuine time with God in a secret place. I catch myself after I post looking at peoples comments & getting so sucked into the applause.

When we share about Jesus on insta it’s not to get people’s attention. It shouldn’t be us scamming real quick through the Bible to post something relatable to people but instead sharing w/ people because there’s an overflow of excitement that can’t be contained on the inside about Jesus. It should be an overflow from the INSIDE to the outside. Our relationship w/ Jesus shouldn’t come off deeper to people & then be completely dead in secret. Our relationship with the Jesus is what matters in the end. Living a Christian life not just posting about one.

Not people knowing we know Jesus but for people to just KNOW JESUS! Someone once said,“We shouldn’t depend on our ability to produce for HIM, but on our constant pursuit for him!” I needed a heart check. 4 U if that’s hoppin off Insta-do it. I’ve had to do it sometimes to regain focus on the lord. If you don’t have secret place with the lord first. Find it.Your room. Your car. Your closet. Be alone w/ Him & prepare your heart. It’s not about focusing on quantity & putting out but on quality what’s happening within! We don’t want numbers of people looking at us! We want genuine transformation happening around us! This is what I’m learning! I’m a work in progress!