Going Deeper

GENZ, We’ve become to comfortable where we are. Holding back the Lords nudges because the time doesn’t feel “convenient” for us. The lord is calling us higher but we need to go deeper. The lord is calling us to pray for people, preach in our schools, share our testimonies and use the gifts we’ve been given to bring Glory to Him. But if we’re called to do all of that, it takes preparation. It takes preparing the heart. It takes prayer. It means having our posture be at the feet of Jesus. A posture of surrender. Being on our knees for too long can make us uncomfortable. But nothing grows inside a comfort zone. The Lord grows us when we’re uncomfortable. It means to approach life humbly and glorifying the Lord. It means more than a Wednesday and Sunday service. It takes transparency to clean out the surface level and dig down into the deep. It takes unshakable commitments. It takes 100% and not 50%. God is so much more than we think He is. We’ll never stop learning more about Him. If we want our schools revived, we need to partner in prayer. If we want to lead, we need to strip all pride from us. It’s not about hype or gaining the crowds attention but it’s just about Jesus. GENZ, God is calling us higher but it takes us going deeper.