Recently I’ve been learning the importance of listening. Because when we listen to respond and not listen to listen- we miss it. Listening is important because you are soaking in and being able to process the words someone is speaking to you. So many times I pray “God speak to me, God this and that…” and he’s just like “listen because I’m already here!” There’s so many stories on the Bible of people who were looking for God yet they were just unaware of it. It’s not that Gods not present, it’s that he’s trying to whisper something to us. It takes us being silent and fully fixed on the words from God. Leaning up close enough to hear it clearly. There’s a time to speak and a time to hear. There’s a time to go and there’s a time to wAit. There’s a difference between being apathetic to the word of God and then waiting on the word of God. There’s a difference of not speaking up and then just listening. So for those of you out there wandering why you can’t hear him, have you tried just being silent enough to hear him? To give him full attention? To not worry About what HE can give you but yet become hungry just to know who HE is. Just listen. It’s not that he’s not there, it’s that we have ears and we aren’t hearing!!! Lean in- he’s trying to speak!! Even in the silence He’s so powerful to speak a revelation into your life !