Man, God knows what he’s doing. with the coronavirus pandemic happening all over the world and all schools letting out the day before this event we decided to still worship. The phrase, “If not now, then when?” was all that could come to my mind planning in the weeks ahead for Liberated. As the people started showing up the rain poured and poured down, a campfire in someone’s backyard caused little ashes to blow over our way across the water. Not only that but tons of ant beds were created the cracks where we planned to put the guitar. I thought to myself what an interesting situation we are in now, but I remained confident that God would do something in this. As we began God really showed me that “If not now, then when?” meant if I keep waiting for perfect conditions then nothing will ever get done.

We need to stop saying “What if this happens and what if that goes wrong” But instead say “What if someone’s life is changed here at this moment” because this situation might not look like the perfect conditions, but God’s not slow-he’s got perfect timing. We continued to worship as the rain came down. God is so worth worshipping regardless the circumstances. Our circumstances shouldn’t dictate our praise to God because he’s simply always GOOD.