The Love of People

Down the streets of the abandoned yet deeply cared for neighborhood I saw an obvious opportunity for friendship. As the graffiti was painted across the houses, many of unique faces came to pose, create and even express themselves along the many walls of Dallas. Those who were dancing unapologetically. A creative tunnel without an end. The couples with street wear how beautiful they were in the odd ball, out of the box way. Unmatched clothing with splattered pant on their pants, I loved it. The double jointed man who danced without the needing of an audience. But I became the audience. Drawn quickly to the people and their various quirks. The sweet souled bike riders who come in standing on top of their Motorcycles ready for me to capture their stunts with my camera. Overjoyed to capture what I admire. I think we should say hi to people more. I think we should smile at people more. I think we should stop looking at people weirdly because they look different or are “too” out of the box. I think we should tell people the compliments we think about them in our head more. As I asked to snap a pic of all these people because of how they were highlighted to me- they were shocked for a second & after a compliment immediately saying “wow people aren’t usually like this” “wow I wish people were like this” “why a picture of me?” I think we assume the worst if we want to talk to someone. Allow fear to get in the way. Allow us to make a pre judgment of the person. Strangers are really just friends you haven’t met yet. (In the non stranger danger way) We don’t know what day they might be having. I want to encourage you. Speak up. Say what you admire about them. Have a conversation beyond “I’m good.” There’s so much opportunities to lift people up in encouragement, tell them that Jesus loves them & it stir something within them the rest of the day. Although it’s so beautiful how unique these creatives are to me. It’s the creator of them that’s even more beautiful. The way HE designed their hair color, nose shape, eye size & even the way they speak. It amazes me!! God is such a beautiful creator. AND HE loves every single one of these people and He loves you.